Our Successes

Are not measured in numbers, but in lives touched.

Are not measured in numbers, but instead are measured in lives touched.


Meet Russell Childers – A Born Artist

As a young child, Russell was placed in a state home, the Oregon Fairview Home, in Salem Oregon. While there, Russell developed a deep love of wood carving. His work drew the attention of several including Pauline Lindell.

Pauline, the founder of WVRC, took an active interest in Russell. She realized that given the right atmosphere he could thrive and practice his craft. Through her work and the help of others Russell came to live at WVRC.

Tom Nelson

Meet Tom Nelson – Beating The Odds

At birth, Tom contracted the Rubella virus. As a result his hearing was severely damaged, growing worse as he got older. It would have been easy to let this be a disability. Instead, Tom overcame his challenge, first by finding his way to Goodwill Industries where he received training and an assist in preparing for further employment.

Then, with an assist by the Galt Foundation, he joined us at WVRC. Tom has become an integral part of the Willamette Valley Rehabilitation Center family. He has gone from working with our contract services to becoming the Director of Contract Services. His example stands to show others just what you can do when you set out to overcome your challenges.

Where Do We Volunteer?

Our clients have volunteered their time and talents over the years in the Lebanon Strawberry Festival activities, Willamette Manor Assisted Living, the Lebanon soup kitchen, Safe Haven animal shelter; and most recently; the FISH of Lebanon. Volunteering in the community gives our clients a great sense of purpose and is a self-esteem boost! It also helps our clients learn important life skills and helps prepare for future employment. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime with some volunteer opportunities!